Whilst the Fox Junta is a mainly male organization it does allow females in the Junta which are mainly the wives of other Junta generals.


Unlike the National Protection Process the vixens involved with the Fox Junta are not recruited and instead are the wives of a select number of generals in the Junta,

In it's early years the Junta did recruit vixens but these were still the wives of officers in the Army. These vixens had been trained by the Junta until it gained a new leader who expelled the vixens from the Junta and forced them to wear collars round their necks in spite of some keeping their collars one notable example being Svetlana whose collar becomes a necklace. After a coup brought the Junta's leader Roberto back to power the vixens were brought back and have served with the Junta since.

In the case of many such as Svetlana, Tatjana or Tanja, the vixens in the Junta share the similar role of fighters as many females in the Anthro World whether friend or foe. Other Junta vixens on the other hand such as Marie, Silvia and Yolanda are more involved in foreign relations of the Junta.


Like some of it's allies the Junta vixens are not recognized well by their attire as they wear individual clothing. Some vixens such as Tanja and Tatjana wear more militarized clothing whilst the attire of others such as Yolanda and Marie are a lot more relaxed and in the case of some a lot more extravagant. This is because that some vixens like Svetlana, Tanja and Tatjana operate more on the battlefield while others like Silvia, Marie (the vixen not the kitten) and Yolanda are more involved in diplomacy.

This is partly the case with some members of the Animalian military students whilst other allies and enemies wear uniforms such as the Junta's second closest ally the National Protection Process where it's males are recognized by military attire whilst females are often recognized by bodysuits and catsuits.

The list

Name Nationality Husband
Nexhmije Albanian Enver
Rita Armenian Krikor
Galina Belarusian Branislaw
Elisabeth Belgian Phillipe
Sabina Bosnian Dragutin
Svetlana Bulgarian Vulko
Tatjana Croatian Ante
Ivana Czech Gustav
Evelin Estonian Arnold
Marie French Marcel
Anita Hungarian Viktor
Maria Italian Vincente
Dace Latvian Valdis
Dalia Lithuanian Justas
Maja Macedonian Lazar
Lidija Montenegrin Branislav
Anna Polish Wojciech
Elena Romanian Nicolae
Viktoria Russian Leonid
Dragica Serbian Dragutin
Silvia Slovakian Stefan
Tanja Slovene Sergei
Sofia Spanish Manuel
Lyudmilla Ukrainian Viktor
Herta Austrian Herbert
Lady Blue English/British Roberto
Cristina Argentine Leopoldo
Yolanda Bolivian Hugo
Dilma Brazillian Humberto
Cecilia Chilean Gustavo
Maria Colombian Gilberto
Anne Ecuadorian Vincente
Eligia Paraguayan Frederico
Nadine Peruvian Alberto


Cilia Venezuelan Guillermo
Angelica Mexican Heriberto
Vanda Salvadoran Joaquin
Rosa Guatemalan Alejandro
Rosa Honduran Miguel
Rosario Nicaraguan Anastasio

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