Vladimiro is a Peruvian fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the son of the Peruvian general Alberto and his wife Nadine.


He is often described as being a spitting image of his father as he has pure red fur but much like the Latvian vixen Laimdota Vladimiro's fur has a darker tinge to it. It is also said that he almost practically copies his father's style of dress but whilst Alberto's style of dress is more former Vladimiro's is quite the opposite. He wears a white T-Shirt, black trousers, a red tie drawn all the way down and a black jacket with the sleeves drawn up to his elbows.


Much like his friend Luiz Vladimiro is relatively cynical but can also be very bitter though his bitterness is not shown to his friends or the other members of the Fox Junta or their allies. Unlike Luiz he is also very dramatic often having fits of exaggerated rage and fits of extreme overemphasization, he has a good relation with his parents but he has a bad temper which surprisingly makes him an entertainer for the Junta and their allies.

He is also well known for his respect of females regardless of organization but the first time he meets Olivia and Rachel he regards them as enemies who must be humiliated, even though the Junta babies are scared of shouting Vladimiro is an exception as they somehow know his fits of rage are exaggerated not like Heinrich's (except on stage) but not only do the babies find him funny but so do other young children in the Junta, thankfully he and many others know the bounds of what should be taken in comedy. As well as being very bitter and cynical he can be very sarcastic and not only does he respect adults but also the other older children in general.

Miroslav also says that he is just as eccentric as the Estonian general Arnold and at times the French general Marcel. Though being very close to Luiz often collaborating with him on stage but below this eccentric streak is a hidden streak of cruelty being very skilled in humiliation and though he is quick to befriend other children Vladimiro also befriends his allies very quickly.

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