Vytautus is a Lithuanian fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the son of the Lithuanian general Justas and his wife Dalia.


His father says he is just like any normal fox as he has red fur but Humberto also says he is a European version of his son because whilst Luiz is Brazilian he has a very thin British accent however in this case Vytautus has a yellow and green tinged underbelly. He wears a grey T-Shirt and dark green cargo trousers alongside the other older Junta boys or at least among the majority the exceptions being Alfred, Oscar and a few others.


Like Vladimiro Vytatus is very bitter and sarcastic at times and is just as impulsive as the Macedonian fox Branko however unlike Branko who just goes crashing into hell with the consequences there will be times when Vytautus will think things through, he is also very cynical often denouncing some generals primarily in the Animalian Junta but very few in his own Junta because of them using what he calls "silly" weaponry which mainly consists of makeshift umbrellas but they are actually just disguises as is evident when he sees some in action.

He often calls Arnold "The Junta's Goblin" because of his statement "There was only one true Junta. The Fox Junta" as well as his equipment but also calls him a wild flyer highlighting his exceedingly wild, reckless and dangerous flying skills but is very impressed by him nonetheless. He may not be as overdramatic as Vladimiro but there is dramaticness inside him. Not only does Vytautus call Arnold by a nickname he often calls many Baltic generals by a nickname mainly those of Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian nationality often by a villain's nickname such as "The Penguin" also saying "All if not all are part of any villain except Venom" If there is also one thing that his mother disapproves of with him it is his mocking of most enemies mostly extreme feminists or activists depending on how you look at it. As well as Vladimiro he is also very close to Luiz because of his also cynical nature but respects other Junta children and is also good with young children and the Junta babies.

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