Wolves Attack
Sheephouse Wood 6
Sheephouse Wood, Seslinian's home and the sight of his "death"
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date 2017
Written by The wiki founder
Directed by N.A
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Seslinian the Invincible The King of the Fells

Wolves Attack is a story written by the wiki founder. It is the second story in The Mammal Wars and features the beginning of the transformation of Seslinian from a villain to a hero.

But it is also the shortest installment of The Mammal Wars being only five parts long including an epilogue.


No sooner does Buckinghamshire survive the wrath of Seslinian does it come under fire from a new threat: Kouleton the wolf. But once Kouleton is defeated, Seslinian is transported to a new location.


It is a month after the events of Seslinian the Invincible and the effects of his rampage on the hamlet of Charndon are beginning to subside. For instance, the deaths caused by Rabies transmitted by the fox are decreasing and England is also being returned to the days when Rabies was rare in England. Despite this however, the Army refuse to enter Sheephouse Wood to destroy the fox because of fears they will get the virus.

'The Chase' Theme Music by Paul Farrer

'The Chase' Theme Music by Paul Farrer

The theme tune of The Chase or as it is known in the future "The Hunt."

However, the question still stands from Seslinian the Invincible that if he would get another title which is to be determined when the fox awakens in Sheephouse Wood. His creation is also described as being a starting factor of the titular "Mammal Wars" that England will eventually experience.

Although it is not Seslinian himself, his type of animal features in a University Challenge sketch as part of a picture round starter alongside the animals of his future enemies Kouleton and Flamiglaux, all the questions of which are answered by Manchester Metropolitan University. It is also possible that Seslinian was also part of a sketch of The Chase or as it is described "The Hunt".

After the programs have finished, Kouleton enters the United Kingdom and into Buckinghamshire where the wolf comes under attack from Seslinian in disguise as another wolf. The two dogs fight through the county until finally, Kouleton forces Seslinian to come to him before attacking him one last time and retreats to fight another day.

Once Kouleton has fled, Seslinian becomes to succumb to the effects of Kouleton's attack and wanders around as if drunk before finally collapsing dead with his breath ceasing. But before a child can touch him, Seslinian's body bursts into flame and vanishes causing everyone in England to think that the fox is dead.