Yahya is an Animalian politician and former general currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


He was named after former Pakistani dictator Yahya Khan


He is an anthropomorphic Irish Setter despite he is Pakistani and other dogs from Central Asia except Panteleimon are more Asian breeds (most Asian dogs in general are of English breeds) In his soldier days he wears a light green Marshall jacket similar to the one worn by Yahya Khan complete with a red collar and shoulder pads decorated with golden stars and light green trousers. In his government time he dresses much like Anwar except Yahya's tie is not as spotty.


Whilst Zia has a more lighter voice Yahya's voice is more deeper and aggressive but it is not too aggressive he sounds like a Mob boss. Much like the Italian fox Giovanni he is a ruthless foe in battle and is known for his extreme brutality, sometimes his brutality makes him bloodthirsty which earns him the nickname "Cujo". Since Pakistan and Bangladesh have been at war with each other it can be no surprise that he and the Bangladeshi dog Rashida have a very strained relationship but also has one with Indira when they first met each other (Yahya, Rashida and Indira) as India supported Bangladesh during the war of their independence.

Though not as bad tempered as Heinrich he still has a short temper often flying into a rage without warning and is shown to be very impatient with Siad whilst attacking him. But he is also very threatening ruling prisoners through fear, his brutality also is said to make him genocidal. Yahya does not necessarily criticize or denounce the West as much as Ne  does but he often calls many Slavic female dogs and many female dogs in general "the perfect criminals" as he believes that "Females really Do make the criminal"

Despite not believing in Pakistani nationalism Yahya is fiercely nationalistic and is usually the one who forces Siad to salute as one of the songs the A.P.F and their allies sing, at first he is rather intimidating and arrogant as much as Mashiur but he has a compassionate side as he saves Fox and his family after they're exiled to England, much like anyone else in the army Yahya is extremely skilled with firearms but not only does he scare Fox and his family but also scares young children particularly Isabella, Basilio (who tries to stand up to him but fails), Bella and of course the Junta babies but the younger children get to like him eventually. In his government time the nationalistic traits he had are gone and he is much more professional.

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