Yelena is a former Animalian dissident and member of the Animalian military students.


She is an anthropomorphic North American red vixen who is a member of the System's prison guards and as a result is not as active in battle as most dissidents are but nonetheless she still dresses like an agent as she wears a black latex bodysuit and black wedge heeled sandals or platform sandals.


It is unclear whether Nadezhda is older than Yelena but on her footwear Yelena says "It is only respectful to appear like my elders" showing a great amount of respect to her allies which includes other older Junta children but she shows the Fox Junta, it's leaders and it's allies in a more heroic light, alongside Natalya, Katya and others she is often considered a punisher to prisoners and though she is not a Buddhist like Sandar and Khajid are she shows respect to Roberto by bowing her head when she is rehabilitated.

But she also shows respect to her leaders by bowing be that leader be Tatyana, Lydia, Nina, Tanya or whatever she shows respect by bowing to them. However though she is just as serious as Nevena and is very aggressive particularly to prisoners showing little compassion to a prisoner she punishes at one point taking her shoes off to do so. She also shows great respect to her adult allies as well as the other older Junta children. One thing that makes Yelena unusual is that she is staunchly proud of the A.M.S because of it's Slavic majority (not that anyone isn't proud of the organization. Tatyana certainly is because she founded it) in particular she is very close to the Slavic Junta children even Maarja and Laimdota who are from the former Soviet Union and not thought to be Slavic.


Yelena serves under the A.M.S as a guard at the System's prison right through to the last battle when she is arrested and interred at Bronzeley spending the rest of her time at Bronzeley tied to a chair until the A.P.F release her and at the end of the Junta years she is rehabilitated by the government. But Yelena also meets her own allies the Fox Junta who reward her for participating in the fight against Mechanikat.

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