The Yugoslav Alliance is a now defunct organized crime group based in Belgrade, Serbia with additional bases in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Zagreb, Croatia. It also conducted operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia and was a major ally in aiding the National Protection Process and was among one of the major groups to be a participant in making the second Animalian Patriotic Front.

History and Operation Hood

The Yugoslav Alliance was formed in Belgrade, Serbia and was a criminal organization from Day One, also right from Day One it was supremely organized and not as hooliganish as the first Animalian Patriotic Front, it also focused mainly on attacking the military and intelligence services and also had it's eyes on several high profile kidnappings mostly involving females though several intelligence and police services had managed to fight back and declared war on organized crime groups of which the Yugoslav Alliance was not a participant. The Alliance was involved in the last stages of Operation Hood which ultimately proved to be a success for the N.P.P and the formation of it's women's wing which they had wanted to do.

The Alliance had also made their own successful kidnapping that being a kidnapping of a Croatian Intelligence agent Jovanka and bringing her to Animalia where the N.P.P had sent them when the operation finished, yet at the price of the success was one casualty that being Mirko was was forced to evacuate from his tugboat when it went out of control. He was later rescued by the destroyer Dolphin and made a full recovery. When the second Animalian Patriotic Front was made Radoslav announced the Yugoslav Alliance would merge into the A.P.F and as such would no longer exist.


Name Nationality
Radoslav Serbian
Dragoljub Serbian
Vlastimir Serbian
Ranko Serbian
Ejad Bosnian
Zlatko Croatian
Mirko  Serbian
Zejnil Bosnian
Sefer Bosnian
Anto Croatian
Goran Croatian
Josip Croatian
Enver Bosnian