Yulia is an Animalian politician, former secret agent and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


She was named after former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko


She is an anthropomorphic Markiesje

despite it being a Dutch breed and her being Ukrainian but she is one of many foreign ones to be of a Dutch breed. In her soldier days she wears a black and blue rubber bodysuit like a wetsuit and black rubber gloves but like the other agents except the agent's leader Asma she goes barefoot. In her government time she is just as extravagant as Hayly as she wears a black vest, a dark blue fur coat, black leggings and black boots


Because she, Mikhaylyna and Ruslana are all the same nationality Yulia is very close to them and is just as fierce a fighter as them, but she is also close to Nina, Mehriban and Asma treating the other agents like sisters regardless of nationality even if Asma is the odd one out because she is the only one who wears footwear and the only one who is Arabic. Yulia's determination in battle is also shown through her vigilantic personality and statement on weaponry being "It's every dog for them-self".

Like Elizabeth she may own her own gun but she also gets whatever she can get her hands on in terms of weaponry, as well as crime she loves the thrill and adventure of war because since she is an agent alongside her fellow Ukrainian dogs as well as Nina, Asma and Mehriban Yulia is mainly involved with reconnaissance but it doesn't alter the fact she still fights alongside her allies. Because she is an agent Yulia is just as flexible as Ruslana and any other agent in the A.P.F or not and is also an expert in gymnastics.

But she is also rather alluring and is the most most mysterious agent in the A.P.F often speaking with a relatively soft voice towards her allies or those she wishes to seduce but speaking with a normal voice with an aggressive tone in front of her enemies with a very thick Ukrainian accent. Aside her mysterious nature sh is also very skilled in martial arts and as she is Slavic Yulia is also very close to the other female dogs, despite the tone of voice she has she is a very strong dog. All this aside she is good with young Junta children and though she is good with the Junta babies she is cautious around them mostly with Santiago but mainly with both. In her government time Yulia goes through little change.

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