Yumjaagiin is an Animalian politician and former general currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


He was named after Mongolian communist leader Yumjaagiin Tsedenbal


He is an anthropomorphic St. Bernard which earns him his tremendous amount of strength and often creates him an aura of fear thanks to Cujo. In his soldier days he wears a white shirt, a black tie, a grey-green Mongolian army jacket and grey-green trousers. In his government time much like most Buddhist dogs he wears traditional Buddhist robes which he also wears in Argentina.


After seeing Vladimiro in action entertaining most of the Junta children including young ones Yumjaagiin says that the Peruvian fox has an "American sense of humour" which is suitable since he is from a South American country and the fact he is very loud and exaggerated, he is often said to have the aura of an emperor as whilst he sees Nina, Asma and Mehriban as agents he sees Ly, Khajid and Sandar as warriors because of their style of dress.

This statement also shows that he is very nostalgic of ancient Mongolia but this nostalgia does not appear in battle where he is shown to be a very skilled and savage fighter earning the nickname Cujo and is also a very charismatic ruler making Bruno call him "The Kim il-sung of Mongolia" as well as being very skilled with not only swords but also guns. Despite this though he is very spiritual and wise but is easily involved in confrontations the exception being the fight between Mashiur and Choummaly , Khajid often sees him as an Ancient Mongolian emperor as well despite the fact he wears modern clothing in battle. Just as he has nicknames Yumjaagiin nicknames Khajid "Mulan" but not only is he friendly with other Mongolian dogs but also with the German dog Bruno . Below his savagery though Yumjaagiin is good with young children and is also loved by the Junta babies who are also curious around him, in his government time though he does not change.

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