Zahwa is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


She is an anthropomorphic Large Munsterlander which is also the breed of dog for many of the Animalian Junta's collaborators, her religion is often thought to be Judaism despite her being Palestinian because her clothing often shows her in a different light to being Muslim like most Asian female dogs. In her soldier days Zahwa wears a white blouse, a long dark green skirt, a white poncho or a prayer shawl/tallit depending on where she is, knee highs a white head-dress and black character shoes whilst in her government time she keeps this clothing but discards her poncho instead keeping her tallit.


Despite Israel and Palestine being arch enemies Zahwa and the Israeli dog Sonya are very close friends, she is also friendly with Faraj but is often frustrated by him mainly off the battlefield which leads to her being thought of as being one of the most serious dogs in the A.P.F. But it is not so much Faraj she is frustrated with more than Muhammed who is also Yemeni with Faraj, it is also said that Zahwa is much more seductive than Sonya because the Israeli dog is more distant from enemies.

She also does not let herself be shaken in decisions and like Ioana, Maria, Zoe, Ayesha and Rashida she is treated like a daughter by Yasser but she is also treated by a daughter by fellow female Palestinian dog Suha, Yasser also says that she is fiercely loyal to allies but with enemies she is a cheater. Though she is religious she tries to keep her religion at an absolute minimum. Compared to most dogs she has a slight upper class sounding accent or at least a Londoner's accent. Many allies and enemies also say that with Zahwa determination sticks out like a sore thumb, because she and Sonya are very close friends the two also treat each other like sisters. Though she is confident about herself she is rather self conscious not seeing herself carry out much torture or seeing some executions during the Animalian coup as being too barbaric such as setting Animalians on fire but nonetheless she is good with young Junta children and is much better with the babies than some allies notably Aleksander or Maung. In her government time she has no change.

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