Zejnil is an Animalian politician and former mobster currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front. He is also a member of the now defunct Yugoslav Alliance.


He is an anthropomorphic Tornjak like his associate Sefer and in his soldier days is just as immaculate as fellow Bosnian dog Ejad, he wears white trouser,s black sweatshirt and a black jacket whilst in his government time he wears black trousers and a dark blue turtleneck sweatshirt. He is also unique in the sense that he is the only member of the Alliance who has a "J" in his name and it is pronounced the English way.


No matter who give him orders Zejnil is guaranteed to carry them out, even for his enemies and the fact he obeys without question is something his enemies do not look for like in the case of one of his Macedonian allies in the Fox Junta Gjorge, however he is equally as sophisticated as Sefer however he tends to be much more prepared to use violence than his associate. He can also get very impatient especially with Enver trying to persuade him to join the Alliance in the promise they will get him out of his debt of two thousand Bosnian convertible marks.

He is not a male chauvinist and is equally intelligent as his allies but he believes that the A.P.F's Bosnian faction is better off without females owing to the tense relationship between Jovanka and Zlatko, with Jovanka being a former agent of Croatian Intelligence and Zlatko being a former mobster of the now defunct Yugoslav Alliance, though Zlatko has enjoyed the rough life he has led Zejnil describes the life he has led as being a one way system, like Dragoljub he is also unfazed by authority the only exceptions being Radoslav, Charlie, Jorge and Roberto.

Radoslav because he is the leader of the Yugoslav Alliance, Charlie because he is the leader of the Animalian Patriotic Front and Zejnil serves under both groups, Jorge because the National Protection Process and the Yugoslav Alliance are both allies during Operation Hood and Roberto because the A.P.F and the Fox Junta are allies. He is a good driver but he prefers to leave driving to Ranko and Dragoljub though these two dogs often prefer to drive convertibles but that doesn't stop Dragoljub using a van as a getaway vehicle for Ranko, Ejad and Zlatko when they confuse Croatian Intelligence. He is also pleased with the organizations he is part of and the alliances those organizations have made and enjoys both lives he leads. Before merging with the A.P.F Zejnil sees the Alliance as one of the most successful groups especially since one if it's members continues to be a driver and chauffeur, it is also a rare fact that the Alliance's driver also participates in the post dictatorship Junta trials.

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