Zia is an Animalian politician and former general currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


He was named after former Pakistani dictator Zia-ul-Haq


He is an anthropomorphic English Setter despite the fact he is Pakistani which also often leads to not only a Pakistani dialect but a thick British dialect yet not as thick as the Venezuelan fox Junta general Guillermo's or his wife Cilia's. In his soldier days he dresses like Zia ul Haq when he declared Martial law on Pakistan in 1977 but in his government time he wears white trousers and a long grey marshall jacket style jacket. Zia speaks English, Urud, Punjabi and Spanish.


Unlike most members of the A.P.F Zia takes offence very easily being offended when the Spanish Fox Junta general Manuel believes him to be also Spanish which leads to a short conflict between the two. Whilst Yasser is very powerful in speaking and Panteleimon is emotionless he is rather erratic when he speaks as if he is speaking against the clock but it is not so fast he sounds like a recording stuck on fast forward with the Tweety bird effect. Much like Yahya he does have a fiery temper but he manages to express it at speeches.

Nonetheless he is a good leader and though he is rather erratic and fiery at times Zia can be very, very stoic when he speaks at times. Despite the fact he very commonly condemns feminists because of a previous experience (supposedly) he respects females to the point of being very chivalrous which comes ultimately to scare his enemies at times. Ayesha also nicknames Zia "Clayton" because of his chivalric behavior especially after Olivia and Rachel have been released from prison the second time. Though he condemns feminists though Zia only condemns extreme ones who often see the littlest thing such as calling a woman "beautiful" an insult. He also has a rather equal view on the world believing the West doesn't need feminism anymore since women are in the government but the attacks he gets don't end. Nonetheless Zia is shown to be good with young Junta children as well as older-younger children such as Bernadette , Carmen and Bogdana , the Junta babies Josefina and Santiago are also shown to be rather curious around him with Santiago often playing with his tail as he and his sister do so with many other dogs. When it comes to his government time though Zia is not as erratic when he speaks.

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