Zlatko is an Animalian politician and former mobster currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front. He is also a former member of the now defunct Yugoslav Alliance.


He is an anthropomorphic Croatian Sheepdog and alongside Ejad and Ranko also wears plain clothes, in his case he wears a yellow sweatshirt, black trousers and at times a dark green jacket whilst in his government time he wears a white shirt, dark blue trousers, a black tie and a dark blue jacket.


Zlatko is shown to have no regard for anything of no use to him or his allies denouncing the papers he and Ranko robbed as Useless paper and Junk, he has a bit of a short temper and is frequently impatient having a tendency to argue with Ejad though he still likes being with him and Ranko, another disregard of things of no use to him or his allies is him being unconvinced by Ranko reading one of the papers whereas Ejad is equally interested. As well as Ranko and Radoslav he is loyal to the other Croatian dogs except Jovanka since she had felt a great sense of hostility to him in spite of them being Croatian. Zlatko is also extremely intolerant of Jovanka's secret agent lifestyle and Jovanka is irritated by Zlatko's collaboration with Radoslav, that is when they first meet each other again after he was involved in kidnapping her and bringing her to Animalia to form the second Animalian Patriotic Front.

He is also shown to be a lot more devil may care than Jovanka as well enjoying the rough life he has led but in spite of living the rough life he is evidently someone who has experience with sophisticated tools and is equally the master of disguise and improvisation as Ranko pretending he is drunk to irritate a fire lookout. One of the tools that Zlatko can handle is particularly explosives and in spite of leading a rough criminal life he is arguably less active in crime than the likes of Ejad, Goran, Vlastimir and Ranko, he also has no regard for children but unlike the Animalian Junta he has never harmed any children however he is much better around older children than young children, through and through there are also three dogs that Zlatko serves: Ranko, his previous leader Radoslav and his current leader Charlie Barkin who describes him as the most reckless soldier in the A.P.F with little change in his government time.

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