Zoe is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


She is an anthropomorphic Greek Shepherd who alongside Indira is another dog of a masculine breed with a feminine body. In her soldier days Zoe is not an agent like Mehriban, Asma and Nina or Mikhaylyna, Ruslana and Yulia but nonetheless she wears a purple black bodysuit but unlike Asma who wears boots she goes barefoot as do the other agents in the A.P.F but even though she wears a bodysuit Zoe is unlikely to be an agent anyway because whilst the suits worn by Nina, Asma or Mehriban are made of leather and the suits worn by Mikhaylyna, Ruslana and Yulia are made to look like rubber wetsuits Zoe's bodysuit is not made of the two. In Argentina she is the only member of the A.P.F who wears Ancient style clothing as she wears Ancient Greek style robes but again she goes barefoot. However in her government time she wears white leggings, knee highs, black character shoes and a grey T-Shirt.


Because she is the sole female dog in the Greek dogs who are mostly male and consist of Georgios, Nikolaos, Stylianos, Odysseas and Ioannis Zoe often has the feeling of being an outcast no matter how respected she is by the other Greek dogs however just as the Pakistani dog Ayesha is treated like a daughter by Zia Zoe is treated like a daughter by Georgios. She is highly intelligent and logical almost on the same level as virtually anyone else but also mainly on the same level as the A.P.F's agents but she is also very cunning.

Not only is she respected by the other Greek dogs but virtually all the male dogs in the A.P.F and the other female dogs be they agents or not, just like Dalia in the Fox Junta she is very patriotic and fiercely strong willed however no mater how strong willed she is, whilst most female dogs are willing to torture enemies Zoe does not believe in torture as much as most female dogs mostly Ioana, Asma or a few others do. However she is just as skilled with firearms, whilst Benito ensures good relations with Alberto Zoe ensures good relations with Kenan which works despite Turkey and Greece being enemies. Even though Greece is in Europe and Thailand is in Asia Zoe is a very frequent critic of the country mainly with it's military government.

But all this aside she is good with young Junta children and though she is good with the Junta babies and her bodysuit is not made of leather or rubber she is wary around them mostly Josefina trying to distance herself from the baby who tries to play with her tail. Even though Zoe tries to distance Josefina from her she enjoys watching the babies. In her government time though she has very little change.

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