Zofia is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


She is an anthropomorphic Polish Hunting Dog which leads to the creation of the nickname "the dog of mystery" because 90% of the time she meets enemies her face is covered and also the nickname "black dog" because of her acrobatic skills and skill in gymnastics. In her soldier time she wears a black latex bodysuit, black latex gloves and black over the knee boots, in Argentina she wears a rubber maid outfit with a black corset, standard coloured tights and high heels and in her government time she wears a white blouse, a blue knee length skirt, a blue jacket, a white, black and red striped scarf, standard coloured tights and high heels.


Unlike her friend Krystyna Zofia is relatively accepting of defeat at times but mainly likes being the submissive with her allies but in front of her enemies she is very defiant. Much like other female dogs and vixens she is an expert in gymnastics and acrobatics having been a criminal in her past often acting as a thief, a burglar and at times assassin. Although Krystyna is frustrated by her at times the dogs treat each other like sisters and are also very close to each other, below her accepting personality though Zofia is just as strong a fighter as her friend but is not as judgemental as her often being rather re-assuring often towards young children.

Even though she is good with young Junta children and the Junta babies she is very cautious around them not letting them play with her tail much to their dismay. At one point Josefina reaches out to Zofia's tail but she misses, falls over and starts crying and later so does Santiago. Just as the Israeli dog Sonya sees Shimon as a father Stanislaw sees Zofia and Krystyna at times as being daughters to him as does the Romanian dog Silviu with Ioana and Maria. But despite the fact she is cautious around the babies she is good with them yet often seeing them as what the A.P.F could have saved if it wasn't for the fact they were forced out of Animalia to escape from the purges that occur after Mechanikat and the Animalian Junta depose Mufasa, in her government time Zofia does not change one bit.

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